How to Cut Slits at the End of Men's Jeans for Boots

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Men's jeans are manufactured in many different styles, including the "boot cut." When you break in your favorite pair of jeans, going out to purchase a pair that will fit over your boots is out of the question. You want to be able to wear your favorite jeans with any type of shoes or boots. Altering your jeans with a slit at the end of each leg will change the design just enough to achieve the results you want.

Fold the bottom of each leg in to a 1-inch cuff, all the way around.

Use a fabric pencil to draw a vertical 1-inch line behind both the inside and outside seams on each leg. Drawing behind the seam will hide the finished cut. You can also use a washable marker or crayon to mark the seams.

Unfold the cuffs and turn your jeans inside out.

Use the marked seam line as a guide and use a pair of fabric scissors to cut the length of each mark. These cuts give your jeans the room needed to pull them over your boots.