How to Make Jorts

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Jorts, a combination of the words jeans and shorts, present a great alternative to simply throwing away an old pair of jeans. When the scorching summer heat tempts you into buying some much-needed shorts, consider making your old jeans into jorts to save yourself money and the nightmare of shopping for shorts. By removing the bottoms from your jeans and making them into jorts, you can turn hot and baggy clothing into a stylish and comfortable look that suits you and, more importantly, suits the weather.

Put on your jeans to estimate how long you want your jorts to be. You may want to hem your jorts when you are finished cutting them, in which case you should add an extra inch to your preferred length as a hem allowance.

Mark a dash at the point at which you want to cut your jorts with the pen or pencil. The mark doesn't have to be a completely straight line since you will measure the line more precisely later on.

Remove your jeans and lay them on a table or flat surface.

Use a ruler to ensure that your marks are even; measure the lengths of the marks from both the inseam and the waistline to ensure that you don't cut your jorts in a crooked or mismatched way.

Draw a straight line that runs parallel to the waistline at the point at which you want to cut the jeans. Ensure that the line is straight and lies at the same place on both legs. It is very hard to correct the lines if they are crooked, so drawing straight lines in this step is very important.

Use scissors to cut one leg along the line with long slices to ensure that the cut line doesn't appear jagged and choppy.

Place the cut jean leg over the other, uncut leg.

Line up the cut leg with the line you want to cut through the other leg. After making sure that these lines are even, cut the second leg. You may hem the ends of the jorts if you want them to be straight-edged on the ends, but if you want them to look more worn, you can simply leave them as is.

Try your jorts on.