How to Cut a Hoodie Into a Slouchy Sweater

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Just because you aren't a hoodie person doesn't mean all those hoodies have to go to waste. Using a pair of scissors, you can turn that sporty hoodie into a chic, off-the-shoulder slouchy sweater, even if you have limited sewing experience or none at all. The slouchy sweater is a comfortable look, 80s style. Today, you can wear this casual top with jeans, leggings, mini skirts or shorts.

Lay the hoodie on a flat surface. Wash and dry it before cutting it up.

Cut up the hoodie with sharp scissors. Cut off the hood first to get it out of the way, or cut it off together with the collar. At the collar, make a 1-inch vertical slit in the front, about midway from shoulder to shoulder. If you are afraid of cutting it uneven, mark the areas that will be cut with a pencil or pen.

Cut around the collar of the hoodie, both in the front and in the back. Cut off an even amount of 1 inch all around.

Fix up the collar until it looks even all around, in the front and in the back. Cut off any frayed ends for a neater shape. The collar does not need to be even.

Try on your new slouchy sweater. It should fall loosely onto your shoulders, or even slide off of one shoulder. If the collar is too small, repeat steps 2 through 4 to make it slightly bigger by cutting off an additional 1/2 inch or so all around.

Experiment with the sweater by cutting the sleeves or its bottom. Try making it asymmetrical by cutting the bottom of it diagonally so that one side is longer than the other.