How to Make a Muscle Shirt Out of a T-Shirt

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Muscle shirts aren't just for meathead guys anymore. Hipsters and gym rats alike wear these comfortable tops. Transforming your favorite T-shirt into a muscle tee is one of the simplest T-shirt surgery projects -- and does not require thread and needle. With a trusty pair of fabric scissors, snip your way to an array of creative muscle shirts.

Try on the T-shirt to determine where you want to cut -- inside or outside of the sleeve seams. Cut outside the seams -- and leave the seams intact -- to create a more finished look.

Examine the neck and length of the shirt. You may also want to cut those, depending on the style you want to achieve.

Lay the T-shirt on a flat surface, and ensure that the seams are aligned. The shoulder seams should be at the very top of the shirt -- not twisted to the back -- and the seams at the hem should line up in the front and back.

Cut off the sleeves by cutting along the sleeve seams at the armpits -- either on the outside or inside of the seams.

Try on the shirt and examine your sleeve holes. You may want to widen the holes by cutting off more fabric along the new sleeve lines you've created.

Remove the original neckline, if you prefer. Cut a half circle below the neckline seams

Shorten the shirt by cutting a straight line above the hem. When you remove the hem of the shirt, the fabric will roll up a small amount, shortening the shirt further.