How to Cut a T-Shirt into a Punk Rock Style

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Punk-rock style has evolved in recent years, with more fashion lovers embracing the edgy punk-rock persona and incorporating it into their wardrobes in a variety of ways. From studded accessories like belts and bags to tough garments like the motorcycle jacket, punk-rock style is making a major comeback. Luckily, you need not spend a fortune to get in on this trend. Revamp an old T-shirt into punk-rock territory by following a few simple steps.

Punk Rock T-Shirt

Step 1

Take your scissors and cut off the sleeves of your T-shirt to make it into a tank top, cutting from the bottom hem of the sleeve to the top.

Step 2

Cut a slight U-shape, starting and ending three inches before the corner of each shoulder. A deeper cut will result in more neck room while a V-neck cut is a popular silhouette, as well.

Step 3

Allow the back of the T-shirt to drape and cut several thin vertical slits into the fabric. Thin lines will result in many subtle cut-outs while thick, separated lines will result in a larger area for skin to peek through. You can also use this technique horizontally by draping the T-shirt horizontally and cutting slits from there.

Step 4

Cut a few scattered holes throughout the T-shirt, about one inch in diameter, to create a grungy effect with subtle cut-outs.

Step 5

Add spikes or pyramid-stud embellishments to your T-shirt for an extra dose of glam. Determine a pattern for placement -- usually on the shoulders -- and mark each spot with a fine-point marker.

Step 6

Unscrew a screw-back stud or spike and insert the sharp edge of each stud into the shirt and screw the fastener on to secure. Repeat this step until each marked point is covered in a stud or spike, creating a cool and stylish punk-rock inspired T-shirt.