How to Fold a Cardigan

by Michelle Ullman ; Updated September 28, 2017

A neatly folded cardigan is ready to wear.

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Neatly folding your cardigan sweaters keeps them unwrinkled and ready for their next wearing, whether you are storing them in a drawer, stacking them on a shelf or packing them in a suitcase. Storing your cardigans on hangers for long periods of time tends to create hanger bumps in the shoulders and stretches out the sweater's shape. Though it seems tricky at first, once you get the hang of it, it's quite simple to fold your cardigans into neat squares.

Button your cardigan all the way up, then lay it across the bed face down. Stretch the arms out to the sides.

Lift the left arm, and stretch it across the sweater's back. If the arm reaches past the right side of the sweater, fold the wrist back a few inches so the sweater arm is even with the right side of the sweater.

Repeat with the right arm. The cardigan's arms should now be neatly crossed across the sweater's back.

Fold the left side of the cardigan inward to the center of the sweater's back. Smooth away any wrinkles or bulges.

Fold the right side of the sweater to meet the edge of the previously folded left side.

Lift the bottom of the sweater, and fold it upward to meet the neckline. Smooth away any wrinkles.

Flip your cardigan over. It should resemble a neat square and ready to pack in your suitcase or store in the closet or dresser.


  • If you are storing your cardigans for the summer, lay a sheet of tissue paper between each sweater to keep them fresh.

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