How to Fold a Man's Polo Shirt

Keep your polo shirts ready to wear by properly folding shirts before packing or storing them. Fold your polo shirts to maximize storage space in closets, suitcases or drawers. Time spent folding is time saved when you want your clothes to look their best.

Grab a clean polo shirt and button any collar buttons. Pull the collar straight or fold it to save on storage space. Hold the shirt by the shoulder seams, shaking it so the front and back of the shirt are properly aligned. The shirt needs to look like it is hanging on an invisible hanger.

Place your polo shirt, front side down, on a smooth flat surface such as a bed or a table top. Align the front and back sides of the shirt so the seams match. Smooth out the wrinkles from top to bottom and from side to side.

Pinch the shoulder seam in one hand. With your other hand, take the corresponding sleeve and fold it into the center of the shirt. The fold needs to form a straight line from the shoulder seam to the bottom of the shirt. Consider folding your shirt sleeve in half or leave it unfolded.

Repeat Step 3 on the other side of the polo shirt. Smooth out wrinkles while you fold so there are fewer wrinkles when you wear the shirt.

Take hold of the bottom right and left sides of the folded shirt. Bring the bottom edge of the shirt up to the bottom of the sleeves. This divides the shirt into thirds.

Complete folding the polo shirt by bringing the folded edge to the top edge of the collar. Turn the shirt over and straighten any wrinkles. Place the folded polo shirt in the closet or in your suitcase.