How to Fold a Jersey

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Jerseys are typically made of knitted cotton. They offer a roomy fit and are pulled on over the head free of buttons and zippers. You can wear a sports jersey featuring a favorite team's name, logo or colors. If you plan on taking your jersey with you on a trip, or if you want to organize your dresser drawers, fold the shirt properly to avoid wrinkling it.

Remove any wrinkles or creases from the jersey by gently shaking the shirt.

Place the jersey face down on a flat surface, such as a bed or table. Use your hands to smooth the jersey flat.

Lift the bottom hem of the shirt and fold it in half so it meets the top half. Fold the shirt in half in the same manner one more time. Smooth the folds with your hands.

Fold the right sleeve in towards the center. Bring the left sleeve in towards the center to meet the right one.

Fold the shirt in half, putting the left over the right.