How to Keep T-Shirts From Wrinkling

by Grace Riley ; Updated September 28, 2017

For many people, T-shirts are a wardrobe staple.

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T-shirts are inexpensive, durable, functional and comfortable. For many people, they're a wardrobe staple. They're also less susceptible to wrinkling than most clothing -- but that's not to say T-shirts don't wrinkle at all. You can take several precautionary measures to make sure the next time you reach for your old favorite, it's wrinkle-free and ready for wear.

Fold your T-shirts neatly if you keep them in a drawer or on a shelf. Lay a shirt face down on a counter or bed. Fold each sleeve and one to three inches of each side toward the middle of the shirt, creating a long rectangle. Fold a three- or four-inch section of the tail of the shirt up to shorten the rectangle, then fold in half. Store folded T-shirts in stacks.

Hang T-shirts on hangers if you have room in your closet.

Roll T-shirts when you travel to keep them wrinkle-free and save space in your bag. Lay the shirt face down on a flat surface. Fold the sleeves toward the middle and roll the shirt tightly from the bottom hem to the neckline. Tuck rolled T-shirts around other packed items to stabilize them.

Remove T-shirts from the dryer as soon as its cycle ends and fold or hang immediately. Warm T-shirts wrinkle if you leave them in a pile of clothing to cool down.

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