How to Prevent Static in Nylon Clothing

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Certain fabrics are more prone to static. Nylon -- a synthetic fiber -- is one of them. When the nylon material rubs against other fabric or even your skin, static electricity forms. Static is particularly prevalent when the air is dry or there is low humidity, like in the wintertime. Take steps to prevent static on your nylon clothing before it even starts.

Add fabric softener to the wash cycle when washing nylon clothing to soften the clothes and help prevent static. Or pour ½ cup white vinegar or borax powder to the wash cycle. These products can reduce static cling.

Avoid using the dryer, if possible, as this increases static electricity. Instead, hang your nylon clothing or lay the garments flat to air-dry.

If you must use the dryer, use a dryer sheet to help keep static at bay and remove nylon clothing while it's still damp. Drying clothes completely strips them of moisture, which leads to static. Removing them while they are still damp and letting them air-dry reduces the chances of static.