Can You Use Starch on Linen Pants?

Linen pants can be a comfortable and fashionable option for warm weather wear, and come in both masculine and feminine styles. One drawback to these pants is how easily they become wrinkled and sloppy looking. Though it is inadvisable to use regular spray starches on linen pants, there is a simple way to starch and iron them while still preserving the fabric.

Add in a bit of liquid starch after putting in the detergent while preparing to wash your linen pants in a laundry machine. Of course, the linen must be the washable kind, rather than dry-clean only.

Wash and dry the linen pants according to the clothing manufacturer’s instructions listed on the tag.

Lay the pair of dry pants flat on an ironing board and set your iron to the "linen” setting, or to one of the hottest settings available.

Iron the entire length of each pant leg to activate the liquid starch used during the washing process.