How to Care for Leather Pants

Leather pants can be just the chic, edgy element needed to spice up a nighttime ensemble or fashionable rocker look. Yet like all leather products, this garment requires more upkeep than your average piece of clothing, since leather is more vulnerable to stains and the elements. With the proper care, however, leather pants can last for years.

Protect your leather pants before the first wearing by spraying a light layer of leather protector over the entire exterior of the garment. Let the pants dry and apply another light layer of protector. Dry again before wearing. This product will help extend the life of the pants by protecting them against the potentially damaging effects of moisture.

Treat any stains on your leather pants right away, using a sponge soaked in warm water to wipe off powders or mud, and a dry towel to gently blot any liquid stains. Know that stains such as ink, paint or chemicals are usually permanent on leather.

Dry your leather pants if wet by hanging them in a cool, dry spot out of direct sunlight. While wearing the pants, try to keep them as dry as possible to prevent any damage.

Take your pair of pants as necessary to a dry cleaner with experience in treating leather products.