How to Stretch Leather Pants

You just purchased a sleek pair of leather pants. But when you tried on your new pants, they felt a bit snug. You do not want to exchange your pants for the next size up in fear that they might be too big, but you also do not want to be uncomfortable in tight pants. Well, here are a few simple, do-it-yourself steps for stretching those slightly tight leather pants.

How to Stretch Leather Pants

Set your shower's water temperature to warm (not hot). Put on your pants and hop into the shower. Let your pants get thoroughly wet.

Get out of the shower. Keep your wet leather pants on as you go about your day at home. Wear your leather pants until they are dry.

To further stretch your pants, rub them down with a leather softener. Make sure to really rub the treatment into the leather to soften it (and subsequently stretch it).

Wear your treated pants around the house until the softener has fully infiltrated the leather. This should stretch the leather to a more comfortable level.

If your pants are still too tight after performing the first four steps, repeat them to further stretch your pants. Then continue to wear your leather pants on a regular basis to naturally stretch them.