How to Make Leather Pants Not Squeak When Worn

Leather pants can be difficult to pull off stylistically, but there are many who are highly adept at fulfilling this challenge. These pants can be very form-fitting, and some types can be quite noisy if they are not properly cared for. The leather can rub together as you walk, resulting in a squeaking noise which may bother those around you and draw unwanted attention. Preventing leather pants from squeaking requires regular care and diligence.

Wear the leather pants around the house for several days. Stiffer leather is more likely to squeak; wearing the leather will help soften the material and break it in, reducing noise.

Dampen the leather by applying a moist cloth to it. Allow it to air dry. This helps the leather to soften and "break in" more effectively. Avoid throwing the pants in the dryer because leather can shrink.

Rub a leather lotion into the pants, paying particular attention to the seams. The squeaking is caused by stiff pieces of leather rubbing together, and the lotion moisturizes the material to eliminate the resulting noise.