How to Keep Your Pant Legs in Your Boots

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Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images

Whether the weather outside is wet or you’re just making a fashion statement, tucking your pant legs into your boots can be tricky. Although it’s not too difficult to stuff the pants down into the boots, the trick is getting them to stay tucked in as you walk around. Often times, the pants begin to bunch up around the knees, which makes for an unkempt look. Learn to tuck your pant legs into your boots and get them to stay there for as long as you need.

Put a pair of socks on your feet, about halfway over your foot. Choose socks that come up to about your mid-calf and have tight elastic around the edge.

Cuff your pants one time around the ankle. A small cuff -- about ½ inch -- is all that is necessary.

Fold the excess fabric from your pants around toward the back of your ankle and hold it in place with one hand. With your free hand, pull the sock up over your pants to hold them in place, then put on your boots.

Use a pair of cut nylons if the elastic in the sock isn’t tight enough to hold the pants in place. Cut the foot off one of the legs, then cut two 1-inch-wide horizontal strips along the length of the nylons. Tie a nylon strip around your jeans near the ankle or calf -- wherever feels the most comfortable for you -- to hold your jeans in place. Put socks on over the pants and nylon strips, then put on the boots. The nylon is very thin, so it shouldn’t be noticeable once you put on socks and boots.