How to Keep Thigh-High Boots From Rolling Down

ladies in boots outline

Zoonar RF/Zoonar/Getty Images

Thigh-high boots complement a variety of outfits throughout the seasons, while also offering up added warmth in the colder months. They can appear both daring and casual, depending on the material and style of the heel. But their typically loose fit can mean that they roll down at the cuff throughout the day. Thigh-high boots can be kept in place without nuisance with some additional styling.

Put on a pair of thick and tightly fitted thigh-high socks. This will add friction between the leg and the boot, keeping the cuff upright.

Cut up eight pieces of double-sided fashion tape in half-inch sections.

Pull on the boots. Roll the cuff of each leg up from the bottom, smoothing it out like a pair of socks.

Fold the boot cuffs over. Leave the area of the thigh that they will cover visible.

Place the fashion tape directly onto the leg or at the top of the sock. Attach one piece to the front of the thigh, one to the back and one on each side.

Unfold the boot cuff and press each side securely onto the fashion tape.

Allow the tape to adhere to the boots for two to three minutes.

Walk around in the boots. Apply additional fashion tape to areas of the cuff that loosen up while walking.