How to Make Pirate Boot Cuffs

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Blackbeard has always been a popular costume choice, but with the release of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, Captain Jack Sparrow is giving Blackbeard a run for most popular pirate. Perhaps the most iconic part of the costume is the boots, which come with very stylized boot cuffs. A pirate’s boot cuffs can come in lengths of up to 6 inches long. Velcro, safety pins or some stitching will hold the cuffs in place while your pirate goes swashbuckling.

Select the fabric for the book cuffs. Men’s pirate boots look best with black leather, vinyl or felt, while women pirates can add colorful, fancy satin or silk cuffs to dress up the tops of the boots.

Measure around the top of the boot and add 2 inches. Allow the fabric to widen out into an A-line. Measure how long you want the cuff and add 1 inch. Cuffs should go no longer than 6 inches when finished, even shorter for a child.

Cut out the fabric and place along the top of the boot. The extra 2 inches can be used for a seam allowance, to install a zipper or install shoelace holes.

Sew or use a glue gun to add a seam at the back of the boot cuff. Do the same for a small hem at the top and a larger hem at the bottom of the cuff.

Add embellishments to the top or bottom of the boot cuffs. Men may wish to add gold braid, buckles or pirate insignia. Women can opt for tassels, ribbons or lace.

Attach the cuff to the boot. Add Velcro to the top of the cuff. If the boot has material lining inside, you can sew or safety pin the top of the cuff to the boot. Fold over 1/2 inch of the cuff top, place it inside the top of the boot and sew.