How to Hem Leather With Glue

girl wearing leather trousers image by david hughes from

Leather is a timeless, durable, versatile material that will never go out of style. From jackets and pants to skirts and boots, leather has always made a fashion statement. Although quality leather clothes can be expensive, hemming them is inexpensive and you don't need a professional tailor. The advantage to working with leather is that it doesn't fray, making it easier to hem.

Turn the item inside out. Determine the length you want to hem. To get an accurate and even hem, use a measuring tape. Depending on the item you are hemming, you want to cuff the leather to the desired length. If there is a large cuff, you might want to cut the leather down to a smaller cuff for a more professional-looking hem. Make sure the seams line up.

Pour some fabric glue onto a paper plate. Dip the brush into the glue and paint the inside of the entire cuff. Be sure to get the seams. Press down firmly and seal the leather and glue together. Pad with your fingers around the entire cuff. Because the seams are thicker, you need to tack them together. This can be done with a fabric clip. Put one on each seam to give the glue a firm hold.

Allow the glue to dry. This can take a few hours, but make sure you let the glue dry completely before wearing the garment.