How to Get Hot Glue Out of Cotton Pants

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Hot glue is a polymer adhesive, so although it’s solid when you put it into the glue gun, the glue melts when the gun heats up and bonds when it cools down. If you get hot glue on your favorite cotton pants, it might seem impossible to remove. The glue bonds rather quickly, so you’re left with a sticky mess on the fabric. Hot glue doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture on your pants. It can be removed using the right products and methods. (See Reference 4)

Step 1

Scrape off as much glue as you can with a butter knife. Scrape carefully so you don't rip or damage the fabric.

Step 2

Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Blot the rubbing alcohol onto the glue stain.

Step 3

Gently scrape more glue from the fabric with the butter knife. Continue applying the alcohol and scraping off the glue until no more glue comes off the pants.

Step 4

Moisten a white paper towel with acetone nail polish remover if the glue is still there. Put the towel onto the glue stain and cover it with a piece of plastic wrap.

Step 5

Put a heavy object on top to hold it in place. Leave it there for a couple of hours, checking every 30 minutes that the fabric is still wet with nail polish remover. Add more nail polish remover to the paper towel if necessary.

Step 6

Remove the paper towel and wipe off the loosened glue with a dry rag. Wash the pants in the hottest water allowed by the care label.