How to Fix Boots That Are Falling Down

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When footwear fashion calls for tall kicks, don’t get caught wearing sagging boots. Boots that constantly fall down can be irritating to wear and they distract from your outfit. If you find your boots lack stiffness or they have a hard time staying up, try a few easy techniques to fix the problem.

Cut two, 12-inch long strips from spandex fabric. Keep the strips thin, 1- to 2-inches wide. Put on your boots. Wrap on boot tie below each knee. Fold the boot tops over the ties to hide them. Trim away any strips hanging down or tuck them up.

Wear adhesive boot strips inside the boots. Remove the adhesive backing from the strip. Position the strip in the boot and put the boot on. The strip will stick to your pants or skin, keeping them in place.

Slide your pants or jeans leg inside the boots. The extra padding should help the boots stay up. When wearing a dress, wear thick socks for additional padding.

Take your boots to a cobbler to have them adjusted. If you have small calves, you may need to have the boots taken in for a better fit.