How to Grill Boneless Chicken Strips

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Boneless chicken strips are employed in many forms. They can be served on their own, often accompanied by a basket of fries, or you can put them in a sandwich. Some choose to place chicken strips in a Caesar salad for added protein, while you can also skewer the strips and season them to fit various Asian meals. Cut chicken strips from larger chicken breasts, or take individual tenderloins and use them as more flavorful strips. However you do it, grilling these strips is quick and fairly easy.

Slice boneless chicken breasts into smaller strips with a sharp knife, if necessary. Chicken tenders do not need to be cut up any further, since they are much smaller than breasts.

Preheat your grill to medium heat.

Apply seasonings to your chicken based on your personal preferences. Apply salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic or herbal seasonings in various combinations to your chicken strips.

Place the chicken strips on your grill, and cook them for three to five minutes on each side, turning once with tongs. They are done when the meat is no longer pink.