How to Cook Chicken in a Crockpot & Then Grill It

Chicken on a hot flaming Barbecue

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A Crock-Pot allows you to cook chicken at a slow pace over low heat, which produces tender and juicy meat, but may not have the flavor that grilled chicken offers. Slow-cooking the chicken first and then grilling it allows you the best of both worlds. Your Crock-Pot will cook the chicken through, and the grill will enhance the flavor and add some crunch. Served with grilled potatoes and assorted vegetables, the Crock-Pot and your outdoor grill help you prepare a tasty and healthy meal.

Spray the interior of your Crock-Pot with nonstick cooking spray.

Place your chicken breasts inside the Crock-Pot.

Pour the chicken broth over the chicken breasts.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic powder, celery seed and paprika.

Cover the Crock-Pot with the lid and turn the heat to low.

Cook the chicken breasts for four to five hours.

Preheat your outdoor grill to medium high heat.

Take the cooked chicken breasts out of the Crock-Pot, using a pair of tongs.

Use a basting brush to coat both sides of the chicken breasts with olive oil.

Place the chicken breasts on the hot grill and cook for five to six minutes, or just until the meat begins to brown.

Flip the chicken breasts over and cook for another five to six minutes, or until browned.

Transfer the grilled chicken to a serving platter and serve immediately.