How Many Calories Are in Smoked Ham?

smoked meat

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The two most common styles of smoked ham, city ham and country ham, have the same calorie counts. City hams are soaked in brine and cooked using a light smoking technique. Country hams are dry-cured and then smoked to add flavor, according to The Cook's Thesaurus.

Calories Per Ounce

Smoked ham contains 46 calories per ounce, with 22 calories coming from protein and 24 coming from fat, reports the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Calories Per Serving

A 4-oz. serving of smoked ham, roughly the size of a deck of cards, contains 186 calories, with 88 coming from protein and 96 coming from fat. With its low amount of saturated fat -- 3 g in a 4-oz. portion -- this sized serving can fit into a healthy diet. Experts at recommend limiting saturated fat consumption to 15 g per day.

Calories Per Pound

A 1-lb. portion of smoked ham contains 744 calories, with 88 g of protein and 42 g of fat. A 1-lb. ham provides about three to four entree servings.