How to Cook Steaks on a Weber Kettle

Cooking steaks on the Weber kettle is a favorite backyard activity. Steaks make an elegant and delicious meal to serve to family and friends, especially when accompanied by grilled vegetables. What you may not realize is that grilling steaks is actually quite easy to do with some simple preparation.

Grilling Steaks

Place the steaks in a covered bowl or storage container along with a liquid such as beer, steak sauce or Worcestershire sauce, plus a few dashes of salt and pepper. Refrigerate, allowing the steaks to marinate in this mixture for 24 hours prior to grilling. Even marinating the meat for two hours helps to improve the flavor.

When you are ready to start grilling, fill your Weber kettle with four pounds of charcoal briquettes. Stack the briquettes into a pyramid shape to maximize heat in the center of the grill. Douse the charcoal lightly with starter fluid, then carefully light the coals. The briquettes will flame up for a couple of minutes. Allow the coals to heat for about ten minutes, or until they are all glowing red. Use a fire-safe poker or tongs to spread the coals along the bottom of the kettle.

Place the grill on the kettle. Next, remove the steaks from the refrigerator and arrange them on the grill. Remember that the center of the grill is the hottest part, so each steak should be equidistant from the center. Place the lid on the grill, leaving the vents open to allow air flow into the kettle. This not only regulates the temperature, but also keeps the coals alight.

Allow the steaks to cook for four to five minutes, then flip each one over. Cook the steaks on the reverse side for ten to 11 minutes, or until they are cooked through. Some people may prefer their steaks well done. If so, allow them to cook for an additional two to three minutes on the second side. You may need to slice into the steak to check for redness. If the meat appears red-brown in the middle, it is medium. If the meat is completely brown in the middle, it is well done.

Using a clean pair of tongs, remove the steaks from the grill and place them on a platter. Garnish the steaks with chopped parsley, salt, pepper and steak sauce, if desired. Serve immediately and enjoy.