How to Smoke Tuna

Raw tuna

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Tuna is a saltwater fish with a nearly global distribution that varies greatly in size between species. The largest tuna species is the bluefin, which has been caught weighing up to 1,496 lbs. Tuna is typically sold in large, thick steaks. The meat is firm and can hold up well to many forms of cooking, including grilling and smoking. Smoking tuna requires a smoker, although people occasionally attempt to simulate the flavor by grilling with wood chunks. "Coastal Living" recommends smoking the tuna steaks with cherry wood.

Smoked Tuna

Soak the wood for at least 30 minutes. Place the steaks in a large plastic zip-top bag along with the water, salt, brown sugar, bay leaves and lemon juice. Chill the bag, sealed, for three hours. Occasionally turn the bag.

Remove the steaks from the bags and pat them dry. Allow them to air dry for around 30 minutes. Brush the tuna steaks with vegetable oil and pat them with the pepper on both sides to form a thin layer.

Light a fire in the smoker and allow it to burn for about 20 minutes. Drain the wood chunks and place them directly on the coals. Pour the wine the water pan and place that inside the smoker. Spray the rack with cooking spray to prevent sticking and place the tuna on the upper rack. Allow the tuna to cook for three to four hours, until the meat flakes with a fork.