How to Peg Jeans

Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Pegging the cuffs of your denim jeans is a fast, simple way to get a faux, skinny-jeans look. By folding the cuff of the jeans snugly against the leg, you bring attention to your shoe choice and to your legs. For the best look, start with fitted or tapered leg jeans. If the pants have too much fabric or hang loosely around the waist or thighs, pegging the jeans may look sloppy.

Step 1

Put on your pants. Take hold of the inside pant leg at the inseam cuff.

Step 2

Gather the denim, folding a section sideways over the ankle.

Step 3

Roll the cuff upwards, keeping the fold in place. Make two to three smaller rolls, one to 2-inches wide. If you prefer a wider cuff, roll a 3-inch cuff twice.

Step 4

Straighten the folded areas along the thigh with your fingers. Wear your pegged jeans with your favorite shoes.