How to Get the Wrinkled Look in Your Jeans

Denim jeans on white background

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Wrinkles give fabric a vintage and aged appearance. The wrinkled-jeans look is created with chemicals and machines that manipulate the denim fabric and wrinkle it in the desired areas. Ready-made, wrinkled jeans are available in many department stores. To save money, create the fashionable look right at home.

Wash your jeans according to the washing instructions mentioned on the label. Machine-wash the jeans or wash them by hand.

Hold one of the legs of your wet jeans in your hands. Twist your hands in opposite directions as if you are trying to wring the liquid out of the fabric. Repeat this on the other pants leg and on the upper part of the jeans. Scrunch the jeans as much as you can.

Tie knots in the jeans. Place a knot in each of the legs.

Allow the jeans to air-dry. It may take up to three days for the jeans to fully dry.

Emphasize the wrinkles by ironing over them. Wrinkle and fold your pants by following the creases. Iron over the wrinkles. Hold your iron on the fabric for five seconds to create sharp creases.

Wear the same jeans as often as you can to reinforce the creases. Sit down frequently when wearing your jeans to create additional creases around the crotch area. Bend your knees often to wrinkle the fabric behind them.

Avoid washing your jeans once you've created wrinkles in them, because washing may remove the wrinkles.