How to Get Permanent Creases in Wranglers

cowboy & horse image by Clarence Alford from

Authentic cowboy style requires that your denim jeans present the perfect frontal crease. Knowing how to put a permanent crease in a pair of Wranglers gives you the ability to adequately pull off that western look. Using only a few basic materials and less than an hour of your time, putting a permanent crease in your denim pants is easy and neat.

Wash your blue jeans on hot and then dry them on a hot setting.

Remove the jeans from the dryer when they are still slightly damp.

Grasp the ankle cuffs of the jeans and hold them in the air. Match the inner leg seams as you bring the ankle cuffs together.

Keep the inner-leg seams together as you flatten the legs against each other. Lay the jeans out on the ironing board evenly. Smooth out any wrinkles with your hands, flattening the damp, hot jeans.

Plug the iron in and let it heat up for five minutes.

Shake the can of laundry starch and then hold the nozzle about 4 inches from the surface of the jeans. Spray a fine mist over the entire exposed surface of the denim.

Press the hot iron to the denim material, starting at the cuffs. Hold the iron so that it rests across the width of the layered, matched pant legs. Press the iron down and smooth upward from the cuffs to the upper thigh or hip area.

Flip the jeans over and repeat Steps 6 and 7. Let them cool for 30 minutes.