How to Keep a Cuff in Jeans


Avoid awkward fashion moments and tripping caused by falling or slouching in the cuffs of your jeans by taking heed of a few simple precautions. You can easily keep that cuff in your favorite jeans no matter how active you are while wearing them just by learning to master a few laundering and fabric care tips.

Decide whether you want to add a permanent cuff to your jeans or experiment with a temporary cuff. For temporary styles, you will need a washing machine and an iron. If you are looking to add a permanent cuff to your jeans, you will need a sewing kit or a simple needle and thread. Blue thread that blends with the denim (or other corresponding denim color) or thread that matches the hem thread of your jeans works best.

Try on your jeans and estimate the size of the cuff while wearing the pants and before washing your jeans. After washing, while the jeans are still wet, lay them flat on a clean surface appropriate for ironing and fold up the bottom hem to the preferred length. Using your hands, pull the fabric tight and ensure both cuffs are the same size and even in length.

Use a steam setting on your iron to create a cuff. Do this while the pants are still wet to add extra staying power to your cuff. Steam the hem, and then leave the cuffed jeans to dry on a flat surface. Laying out the jeans properly (without wrinkling and in their correct shape) will help ensure a better final result.

Set your iron to the highest setting appropriate for denim or cotton-blend fabrics and allow it time to warm up. Iron the dry cuffs, making sure to keep the fabric from wrinkling and to keep both legs at an even length. You will need to flip the pants in order to ensure you have ironed both sides of the cuff evenly. For best results, you can iron the pant cuff around the tip of an ironing board, allowing you to rotate the fabric and avoid a side crease in the pants.

Make the cuff permanent. If you choose to do this, you will need to add stitching. Thread a needle with thread matching the hem or the fabric. Ensure that the inside and outside seam form a straight line down the pant leg and the cuff. Make a simple stitch by going through the fabric of the jeans at the point where the horizontal seam meets the vertical pants hem on your cuff. Finish the stitch by knotting the thread on the inside of the jeans. Your stitch should be disguised in the hem and seam thread, making it hardly visible. Repeat this process on the inside hem.