How to Make a French Cuff

French cuffs create an elegant finish to sleeves. Unlike more traditional cuffs, the french cuff folds over itself and buttons at the side of the wrist. The cuffs are then closed with a cuff link. The style is probably best for older men or high-class affairs. Younger men should stay away from the style because it tends to look more aged and stuffy. It's possible to add a French cuff by making your own pattern for it.

Prepare your shirt sleeve by pressing it down with your iron. If working with an existing shirt, use your seam ripper to take off the old cuff.

Measure your wrist, and add five inches to the length.

Mark out and cut four pieces of fabric 6 inches wide by the length of the fabric you measured in Step 1.

Take your four pieces, fold them over and press 1/2 inch around all sides of the fabric.

Pin two of the pieces together along the top and sides with the wrong sides together.

Top stitch along the pinned fabric 3/8 inch away from the edge, pivoting at the corners and back-stitching at both ends. Stop about 1/2 inch away from each bottom edge. Do this for the other two pieces of fabric.

Fold the cuff in half, and wrap it around your wrist, matching the edges together.

Draw a small mark at the edge of your wrist where you want to place your cuff links. Make sure to leave room for the cuff links to sit comfortably. Mark the same place on both sides of the cuff and inside the fold.

Measure your cuff links at the widest point, and add 1/8 inch to that length.

Vertically center and draw a line the length you measured in Step 9 at the point you specified earlier. Do this for both cuff pieces.

Create vertical buttonholes at each of the marks you created. See Resources for instructions on how to create buttonholes.

Unfold the front side of the bottom edge of each cuff piece, and pin it to the edge of your sleeve.

Pin and sew the unfolded front edge down.

Stitch a seam line along the back folded edge onto the sleeve to finish your cuff.