How to Stretch Out My Jeans Under the Butt

Woman's rear end sitting on barstool in jeans, Curacao

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A small fluctuation in your body shape can change the way your jeans fit. One common problem spot for many people is the saddle area under the butt. When this area fails to fit properly, your jeans may be both unflattering and uncomfortable. Some fabrics stretch easily but tough denim takes a bit of coaxing. Since jeans can be expensive, you should try to ease the seat with some simple stretching methods before tossing them out.

Put on the jeans, securing the zipper and buttons.

Fill a spray bottle with warm water. Spritz the back of the jeans and the upper thighs with the water.

Squat repeatedly while the jeans are damp. Stabilize yourself by holding on to a sturdy surface like a counter. Lunges will also help to stretch the lower rear area. Repeat these movements frequently as you wait for the jeans to dry a bit.

Remove the dry jeans and hang them until you are ready to wear them.