The Wrinkle Rub Out Technique for the Face

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As a human ages, the collagen and elasticity of the skin gradually breaks down, which can result in wrinkles, especially in areas of constant movement such as the face. According to Dr. Frederick Rossiter, wrinkles can be rubbed out of the skin, much like a wrinkle can be rubbed out of leather. Rossiter states that massage stimulates blood circulation to the wrinkled area and changes the structure of the fat in the skin. When used properly on a daily basis, he claims this may produce a youthful appearance, even in old age.

Contract the facial muscles in the wrinkled area. This typically involves a certain movement of the eyebrows or lips. The skin should feel noticeably tighter when the muscles beneath are contracted.

Apply a skin moisturizer to your fingers, as well as the wrinkled facial skin. The rubbing causes friction, which may result in skin irritation for some people. However, a skin moisturizer can reduce the amount of friction.

Place your fingertips at one end of the wrinkled area. Press down firmly and rub your fingertips across the wrinkles. Repeat the movement in the same spot for at least one minute.

Move on to a new section of the face and rub the wrinkles with the same method. Continue to massage for at least one minute per section until you cover your entire face.