How to Fix Wrinkles on the Ankle of Boots

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Like your other pairs of shoes, your boots eventually start to show signs of wear and tear over time. This is especially true in areas of constant movement such as the ankle. One common type of damage in this area includes wrinkles. Despite the fact that old wrinkles appear deep and difficult to remove, a singular application of a heat treatment can get your boots near tip-top condition again. All you need is some water, a towel and a hair dryer.

Splash a towel lightly with water. Do not soak the towel. You only need a minimal amount of water for this project.

Lay the wet portion of the towel over the wrinkled area.

Turn on a hair dryer to a medium heat setting and point directly at the towel. Hold the hair dryer at least a foot away since a direct application of heat can damage both leather, suede and other boot materials.

Continue applying heat until you remove the wrinkles. Add more water if the heat treatment starts to reduce in effectiveness. The water creates steam when the dryer hits the towel and an important aspect of the wrinkle removal process.

Repeat Steps 1 through 4 around the entire ankle area until you remove all the wrinkles. Use this method for wrinkles in other areas of your boot as well.