Negative Effects of Endermologie

Endermologie is a noninvasive medical treatment used to shrink your fat cells which utilizes suction and rollers over problem areas, ridding you of cellulite problems. This procedure is not specifically used for weight loss, but many individuals subsequently lose inches of off the area treated. An average session doesn't usually last longer than 45 minutes, is considered safe with generally few side effects.


Endermologie is a painless procedure which requires no anesthesia or recovery period. Depending on the depth of the massage and the frequency of the procedure, some soreness may develop after the treatment. This soreness usually resolves itself over the course of a few days.

Skin Abrasions

Skin abrasions are also a rare side effect of endermologie treatment. This is especially true for individuals with dry or brittle skin. Like soreness, this skin irritation resolves itself in the time span of a few days.

Short-lived Effects

According to the experts of the Mayo Clinic, effects of endermologie treatment are not permanent and are short-lived because cellulite can reappear in a short span of time. It may also take many treatments to see results, and these treatments can be expensive.