How to Tell If Someone Is Blushing?

Blushing or redness of the face is a common condition for all human beings at one point or another. Blushing can be caused by a wide variety of factors, ranging from common embarrassment to serious medical conditions attributed to blood circulation. Commonly people blush when embarrassed or confronted with anxiety-causing situations. These circumstances vary widely from person to person, and with knowledge of a few telltale signs, anybody can notice when another person is blushing.

How to Tell When a Person Is Blushing

Observe the individual's face, particularly around the cheeks and forehead. Redness in this area is known as blushing and can be brought on by many factors like social anxiety or embarrassment.

Notice any specific body language like hanging the head lower than normal or evading eye contact. This behavior can signal that a person is uncomfortable and may be hiding his blushing face.

Observe the individual's rate of alcohol consumption. Some people that consume a heavy amount of alcohol in a short period of time will have a blushed face that may linger for a while until the alcohol is properly filtered out of the blood stream.

Notice certain behaviors such as frequently wiping the face, rapid eye movement or quivering lips. These behaviors are usually accompanied by a reddening of the face and are a telltale sign of blushing from high blood pressure or overactive blood circulation.