How to Stretch the Waistline of Your Pants

How to Stretch the Waistline of Your Pants. You know what happens when you go through the long winter months eating too many tasty holiday foods. You try on your favorite jeans or pants and notice you're unable to button them comfortably. If this happens to you, instead of throwing out the pants, you can stretch the waistline.

Take out the pair of pants you want to stretch. Close the zipper and secure the button.

Pull on the inside of the waistband. You want to pull gently in order to avoid popping the button off the pants. Try moistening the waistband of the pants and then pulling in order the stretch it out. Wait for them to dry before putting the pants back on.

Purchase the Waistband Stretcher from Heartland America. To fix the waistline, you put the device inside of your pants and stretch it out to the desired length. It works on almost all sizes and does not take a long time to work.

Try the pants on that you're stretching. Button them fully to see if they stretched out enough to wear comfortably. You may need to repeat the process until you have enough room in your waistline.