How to Get Sticker Residue off of Jeans

Clothing stores often put stickers on jeans to indicate the size and price. These stickers are easy to remove, but often result in a sticky residue that doesn't come off as easily. If you've washed the jeans and they're still sticky, it's time to try another method of removal. Break down the residue using a household solvent and you'll be able to wipe it away easily. Working from the inside out ensures that you don't just rub the sticker residue deeper into the jeans.

Pour rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover onto the sticker residue, saturating it completely.

Place the jeans sticky side down on a terrycloth towel.

Place your hand inside the leg of the jeans and rub the sticky spot with a second towel, using a circular motion as you press down on the first towel. Check every few seconds to see if the residue is coming off; continue the process until it's all gone.

Rinse the wet area of the jeans under warm water to remove any remaining solvent and residue. Wash the jeans as usual.