How to Clean Levi's Shoes

Boy Tying His Tennis Shoe

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Levi's is a globally recognized brand, made famous for its jeans. The company also produces a variety of other clothing items, including shoes. These items come in various materials such as canvas, suede and leather. Although they're all branded the same, the difference in materials means the cleaning process is quite different from one shoe to the next.

Canvas or Fabric

Wipe the shoes down with the clean cloth. Focus on any heavily soiled locations.

Rub a spot of laundry detergent onto any tough spots with your finger. Let the soap sit for a few minutes to allow full penetration.

Brush the spots with a clean plastic-bristled brush. Continue agitating until the spots are removed or heavily reduced.

Rinse the shoes in cold water to remove the remaining contamination and detergent residue. Allow the shoes to air dry.


Brush the entire shoe with a suede brush, raising the nap and cleaning off any loose dirt.

Rub the soles or heavily contaminated spots on the suede with a mildly damp cloth. Brush these locations again to raise the nap.

Rub tough spots gently with a clean pink eraser. Brush the shoes.

Smooth Leather

Brush loose dirt from the shoes with the horsehair brush.

Follow up by wiping the shoes down with the clean damp cloth.

Swirl a corner of the cloth in the saddle soap. Wipe the shoes down thoroughly with the soap, focusing on the welt seam joining the uppers to the soles. Clean the second shoe as the first dries.

Remove saddle soap residue from both shoes using a clean section of the damp cloth.