How Do I Clean Hush Puppies Shoes?

by Crystal Marie

Started in 1958, the Hush Puppies shoe company offers a variety of comfortable footwear for men, women and children. According to the Shoe Service Institute of America, taking care of your shoes starts with proper cleaning. Clean Hush Puppies shoes using the same products and techniques appropriate for other brands of smooth, suede or patent leather footwear.

Items you will need

  • Soft brush or clean towel
  • Damp cloth
  • Saddle soap (optional)
  • Leather cleaner
Step 1

Hold one shoe in each hand by the top of the heel area, and hit the soles together to dislodge dirt and dust. Do this outside after each wearing if any type of debris is visible on your shoes.

Step 2

Gently brush the upper surface of your shoes to remove caked-on dust and dirt and to raise the nap on suede. Alternatively, rub your shoes with a clean towel.

Step 3

Wipe smooth leather areas and the soles of your shoes with a damp cloth. Rub stubborn scuff marks with a little saddle soap, if desired. Rinse the cloth often.

Step 4

Clean your shoes as needed, or at least monthly, with leather cleaner specifically formulated for your type of leather, following the manufacturer’s directions. Treat all spots and stains as soon as possible.


  • Clean scuff marks from patent leather by rubbing the area with mineral oil or petroleum jelly on a soft cloth.

    Once each month, polish and condition smooth leather shoes after cleaning.

    Apply a spray-on waterproofing product to clean suede at least seasonally, as directed by the manufacturer.


  • Do not use leather cleaner on suede unless it is expressly recommended by the manufacturer.

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