How to Find the Model Numbers on Nike Shoes

Nike shoes are often identified by names as opposed to numbers because names are easier to remember. There is the Nike Sweet Classic leather shoe, for example, or the Nike 6.0 Dunk sneaker. The different names describe different styles of Nike shoes. But behind every name, each Nike shoe style also has a unique model number. The Nike 6.0 Dunk, for instance, is model number 314142-212. The Nike Sweet Classic Leather is model number 318333101. Find the model number of your Nike shoe inside the shoe.

Look inside the Nike shoe.

Locate the Nike tag with the bar code printed on it sewn inside the shoe. This tag is often located on the right side of the inside of the left shoe; and on the left-side inside of the right shoe. On the inside of the shoe tongue or on the inside heal of the shoe are also common places for this tag.

Make a note of the number printed just above or just beneath the UPC bar code number. This is the model number of the shoe.