What Is the Meaning Behind the Converse Symbol?

shoes image by April K from Fotolia.com

Converse shoes have been around for decades. Everyone from basketball players to trendy teenagers wears Converse shoes. In fact, in 2010 more than 4,000 pairs of Converse shoes were sold daily, according to the Sneakerhead website.

The Name

The name for the Converse shoe originated in 1908 when Marquis M. Converse opened a rubber factory. The factory was in Malden, Massachusetts and was focused on creating rubber soled shoes for men, women and children. The Converse shoe factory didn't start making the well-known athletic shoe until 1915.

The Symbol

The Converse All Star shoes were created for basketball players in 1917. Charles "Chuck" Taylor, basketball player for the Akron Firestones, became the first player endorser in 1921 when he added his signature to the All Star symbol, which is a circular patch with a star.


Converse shoes continued to grow in popularity through the 1920's and 1930's as the nation's interest in basketball grew. In fact, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoe became the standard issue basketball shoe for professional teams, colleges and high school teams across the country. Today Converse shoes are not only popular among athletes, but also among American trendsetters.