How to Lace Nike Air Shoes

by Kate Kotler ; Updated September 28, 2017

Nike Air shoes are a symbol of status. Worn by both men and women, these shoes come in a variety of styles and colors and are worn for fashion and sport. The one thing all Nike Air shoes have in common is they are all laced the same way. Whether you're sporting high-top Airs on the street corner or going for a jog in low-top crosstrainer Airs, your laces should be pulled tight and laced in the "Nike way."

Thread the lace through the top of the bottom two laces' eyes so the lace is even lengths on both sides and comes out under the lip and inside the shoe.

Cross the laces right over left. Thread each end of the lace through the top of the next lace eyelet so it comes out the bottom. Repeat this step for all the lace eyelets up to the second-to-last eyelets.

Cross the laces right over left after threading them through the top of the second-to-last eyelets. Then thread the laces through the bottom of the last eyelets so they come out the top of the shoe.

Pull the laces tight, and tie in a single or double knot and bow across the ankle.


  • Nike Air high-tops come in eight- and 10-eye laces. Nike Air low-tops come in five- and six-eye laces. Depending on the specific style of the shoe you're lacing, you will need a different length lace.

    The brand that is now Nike Air launched in 1984 as "Air Jordans"--a sneaker line endorsed by NBA superstar Michael Jordan. The shoes were the first sneaker to break the $100-per-pair price barrier and became popular as status symbols with young men and women across the country. Jordan, a great brand ambassador, wore the shoes throughout his award-winning career with the Chicago Bulls.

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