How to Tie Supras

Supra is a shoe manufacturer that designs men’s footwear. One of their biggest sellers is the Supra Skytop.These specialized shoes feature eight additional lace eyelets on the top of the shoe. Supra Skytops are tied by inserting the laces all the way up the shoe, so they are held in place by the lace eyelets. People that wear Supra Skytops do not tie their shoes in a standard bow—instead they thread them all the way up to the top so they don’t need to tie their laces each time they wear the shoe.

Insert the lace into the bottom right lace eyelet and then insert the other end of the lace through the bottom left eyelet, threading the lace towards the center of the shoe. Pull both ends so they are even and make sure the bottom lace is lying flat.

Bring the right lace across and through the next eyelet on the opposite side of the shoe, making sure it lies flat. Then, bring the left lace across and through the next hole on the opposite side of the shoe.

Repeat this process by threading the laces over and under one another so they form a criss-cross pattern. Keep making sure the lace lies flat against the shoe so the laces look uniform.

Thread the laces until you reach the top two extra holes. Thread the first holes as you normally would, by criss-crossing the laces. Then, thread the lace right through the second loop, using the lace on that side. Repeat for the other side.

Thread the lace through the top eyelet on the left column and repeat on the other side. Tuck the rest of the lace into the shoe, leaving just the two ends of the laces poking out through the eyelets.