How to Lace Up the Spizikes

Air Jordan Spizikes are a brand of shoe manufactured by Nike. The shoes are high top athletic-style shoes, with large tongue flaps. The shoes come in a variety of colors, such as orange, red, white, grey and black. The shoes are laced using the “over under” lacing technique, which is one of the least complicated lacing styles, but the multitudes of flaps may provide a small challenge. Use a photo of a new Spizikes shoe as a guide when installing new laces.

Remove any laces from the shoe.

Push the laces down through the two bottom holes. Even the laces on both sides.

Pull the laces up through the inner side of the opposite second holes on both sides. Pull the laces up through the next inside opposite hole.

Continue to alternate this lacing pattern until you reach the top of the shoe. When you reach the tab in the middle of the shoe, pull the laces under the tab.

Thread the laces through the two side plastic plates using the same over under technique when you reach the ankle area of the shoe.

Pull the laces through the hole closest to the front of the shoe on the top tap. The shoe laces should point outward, so that you can tie the strings together over the front of the shoe tongue.