How to Lace Up SB Dunks

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Nike SB Dunks are not just a pair of sneakers, they are part of a unique culture. The SB stands for skateboarding and SB Dunks are popular among the skateboarding crowd. If you are wearing SBs for the look rather than for general usage, you need to make sure you lace them properly, which employs the criss-cross method of tying. This simple lacing technique is easy to do and yields display-quality laces that you can use on any of your sneakers that demand an extra touch.

Place one of your Nike SB Dunks in front of your with the toe-area pointing toward you. Pick up one of the laces and fold it in half to find the middle of the lace. Pinch the middle so you will be able to find it later.

Feed the right end of the lace into the lowest eyelet on the right of the shoe. Pass the left end into the lowest eyelet on the left and pull both ends of the lace through so the lace ends up inside the shoe. Make sure the inched center of the lace is in the middle of the lowest eyelets.

Pull the right lace up and across to the second-to-lowest left side eyelet. The lace should be at an angle across the shoe. Push the end of the right lace through the top of the eyelet and pull it through so the lace is inside again. Repeat the same action with the left lace-end and insert it into the second-to-lowest right side eyelet.

Lace the shoe all the way up to the top eyelets following the same pattern. Each lace should lay across the shoe diagonally, enter the eyelet from the top and come through the bottom to end up inside the shoe. Always lace the right-hand lace through first followed by the left-hand lace until you reach the top.

Lace your other sneaker with the remaining shoelace in the same pattern. Make sure both shoes fit comfortably and that the laces aren't too tight, then tie a standard horizontal shoe bow.