How to Tie Your Shoe Laces Without Them Showing

by Andrea Griffith ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Tie Your Shoe Laces Without Them Showing

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There are many people who just hate to waste time tying their shoes. If you don't particularly like to constantly tie your shoes, or you're looking for a hip way to display your laces, try a different method of tying. You can actually have your laces in the shoes, still providing comfort and support, but without all the tying. In just a few seconds you can learn to lace up your shoes so you never have to tie them again.

Insert the shoelace into the bottom eyelet (the very first set of eyelets) from the outside in. Pull on the shoelaces, once inside, to ensure they are even.

Take the lace on the right-hand side, run it up on the right (to the second set of eyelets), pull it up through the second right eyelet, over to the other side and down the second left. Now both laces are on the left hand side of the shoe.

Note: from this point on, each lace will skip an eyelet and be pulled from two eyelets up.

Continue with the "right lace" used in Step 2 (which is now on the left side). Pull the lace through the fourth left eyelet (skipping the third), across, and into the fourth right.

Pull the left lace through the bottom of the third left eyelet, across and down through the third right eyelet.

Pull the "left lace" up through the fifth right eyelet, across and down the fifth left eyelet.

Pull both laces, from inside the shoe, to tighten.

Tie each lace into a knot from the inside of the shoe to keep them tight. Cut any remaining length of lace coming from the knot. Now, the shoe will be laced but the laces will be hidden. Continue these steps with the second shoe.

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