How to Prevent Tongue Slippage on Laced Shoes


Shoe slippage happens more frequently when a shoe is ill-fitting, but this problem often happens with many sneakers, especially Converse. This article will explain a fairly simple way to make your shoe tongue stay put, instead of uncomfortably slipping to the side. Today we will be making a shoe lace holder. You may have seen these on the athletic shoes you already own.

Cut the piece of fabric to 1 inch long by 1/2 inch wide.

Pin the fabric to the shoe tongue between the fifth and sixth eyelet or about three-quarters of the way up the shoe

Use a needle and thread to sew the fabric onto the tongue. Make sure the thread is strong so as not to pull off the tongue while walking long distance. Also, you can do a simple loop stitch, but I recommend looping several times on both the top and the bottom.


Lace up your shoes. The laces on both side should pass under the flap of fabric only once, but this will be enough to anchor down the tongue so it doesn't sneak off to the side anymore.