How to Make the Tongue Stick Out of a Converse

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

While there are many types of Converse shoes on the market, some of the most popular styles are made of canvas. The soft material allows the shoe to be more malleable than leather-based sneakers. This allows wearers to sport their Converse in different ways, such as sticking the tongue of the shoe out from the underneath their pants. Converse has even made a line of "double-tongue" shoes with graphics on the back of the tongue that are visible when it is folded down.

Remove the laces from the top two or three eyelets on each side of the sneaker.

Tie a bow with your laces. Because of the extra material, you may need to double-knot your Converse sneakers so the excess laces aren't too long.

Fold the tongue down over the knot and bow you just made. This reveals the underside of the tongue. If there are two tongues, fold the outer tongue down while leaving the inner tongue in place.

Tuck the front of your pant leg over your foot and behind the knot you made in your Converse sneaker. This allows the tongue to stick out more prominently.