How to Tie a Ghillie Shirt

The kilt is largely recognized as an icon of Scottish style. But what's often overlooked is the Ghillie shirt that's worn with a kilt for casual occasions. Also called Jacobean or Jacobite shirts, Ghillie shirts feature a distinct lace-up collar which runs from the middle of the chest up to the throat. Although it's considered informal wear, there's a proper way to tie a Ghillie shirt to pull off a convincing Scottish- or Renaissance fair-inspired look.

Pull the leather laces through each of the holes just as if you were lacing up a shoe. Make sure you don't miss any holes.

Even out the laces so that there is an equal length on each side of the collar. As you do this, be sure not to pull the laces too tight so as to contract the opening. Ghillie shirts are casual and are meant to show part of a man's chest.

Allow the laces to hang down the front of the shirt. Or, if you'll be dancing or engaging in other activities, you can tie a simple knot at the end of the laces and then tuck the laces inside. Although it might be tempting, do not tie the laces in a bow as you would tie shoestrings.