How to Tie Leather Shoe Laces

by Lauren Fitzpatrick ; Updated September 28, 2017

Leather shoe laces are commonly found on boat shoes, particularly on the Topsider brand. Although they may look classy, they often present a problem. Thick leather laces tend to come untied, forcing the wearer to either tie triple knots or re-tie their shoes several times a day. One alternative to these options is to use what is officially called an Eastland knot, after the shoe brand Eastland. Also known as a spiral or barrel knot, this method of tying leather laces allows you to slip your shoes on and off without worrying about perpetually tying your shoes.

Lace your shoes up evenly, making sure that both ends are of even length.

Starting with one side, make a loop with the lace, bringing the end of the shoelace around the base of the loop. Try to keep the base of the loop as close as possible to the eyelet, as this will result in a tighter fit. Do not pass the end of the lace through the loop.

Wind the lace around the loop anywhere from four to seven times, as recommended by Eastland Shoes. The lace should be tightly coiled around the original loop.

Pass the end of the lace through the loop and slide the coiled section up towards the end of the lace. Pinch your fingers at the base of the coils and pull the end tight to secure the knot.

Repeat this process with the lace on the other side.


  • Moisten your leather shoelaces with a wet cloth before tying them. This will make the laces more flexible and more likely to stay in place.

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